Calculations and Measurements

At Runitec, we develop and design your product, and we deliver technical drawings for use in connection with the manufacture of the final product in the workshop. In connection with the design process, we can perform validation of the design in accordance with relevant standards. Validation of your design can be performed according to established standards such as DNV GL’s standard, Eurocode, Norsok, etc.

Runitec has extensive expertise in structural measurements, including:

  • Vibration measurements
  • Strain gauge measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Pressure measurements
  • Movement measurements based on GPS

The measurements can be combined with finite element calculations to determine the strength and fatigue of the design in question. Runitec is responsible for every step of the process from beginning to end. Strength and fatigue calculations are performed on design components with contact and other forms of non-linear behavior.

Other services include:

  • Explosion analysis

An explosion analysis is performed toassess,whether a modulecan withstand a given explosion.. The explosion analysis involves a fully-dynamic elastoplastic finite element calculation.The assessment is typically performed according to company-specific requirements.

  • Calculations of sea load

Structures and modules to be transported by sea must be dimensioned to withstand the transport forces of the world’s waterways. The calculations are typically performed in accordance with IMO or GL Nobel Denton 003-4 in combination with EN1993.

  • Lifting analysis of structures

Strength calculations are performed for the module to be lifted, and a local analysis of the lifting eyes is carried out. The calculations can be performed according to a standard such as “DNV Standard For Certification No. 2.7-3., Portable Offshore Units”, and optionally in combination with EN1993.

  • … and many more

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